Advanced Coil Building: The Alien Coil

Picture From @M.Terk on IG

One of the newest trends to hit the vape coil building world is the Alien Coil. This coil is just one of many new coil designs popping up and changing the vape industry. The concept for the Alien coil or Alien wire originated from Instagram user @Blueeyedgoon83, and we are all very happy about it. The Alien coil is one of my favorite builds and has become a phenomenon in the vaping world. This guide will explain exactly how to build an Alien Coil, and help you decide if its right for you.

Let me start off by warning you: This is not an easy build. It takes time and dedication to the craft to fully master this coil. If you are new to the coil building world we suggest you start with something easier.

Another note: to build an Alien Coil, you must first learn how to build a Clapton coil. We suggest you check out our guide on how to Build a Clapton Coil before you continue reading. To summarize, a Clapton coil is basically two wires that are coiled together.

What You will Need 

  • Drill
  • 26 gauge and 36 gauge kanthal wire
  • Precision screw driver set
  • Handheld Wire cutters
  • Pliers

How to Build Your Own

Step 1: Straighten two feet of your 26-Gauge wire and clamp it into your drill. Then hold the end of the wire opposite of the drill with your pliers. Then Gently turn on the drill spinning the wire clock wise. This tension will straighten your 26-Gauge wire so it is easier to manipulate.

Step 2: Cut your two feet of straightened 26-gauge wire into three 6 to 7 inch individual pieces. Now you are going to take one of to these pieces, put it back in the drill, and Clapton or wrap your 36-gauge wire around it (like we talked about earlier). Again, you want the drill to spin clockwise. You are going to need about 10 feet of 36 gauge wire per individual coil.

step 3: After you have finished your clapton coil, you are going to pull the outer 36-gauge wire that you just put on, from the inner 26-gauge wire. You do this buy grabbing the outer wire closest to the drill and slide it away from the inner core. What you are left with is a 36 gauge wire that is curled and looks like a spring, or an uncorked Clapton. Don’t throw away the core you will need it for later.

Step 4: Take your uncorked clapton and stretch it out in your hands until you feel tension in the wire. You don’t want to stretch is out so much so that it flattens the wire, but just enough so it still has some rotation to it.

Step 5: next, take all three of your 26-gauge individual wires from earlier and place them into your drill.

Step 6: take your 36 gauge uncorked clapton wire and wrap it around the three 26 gauge wires in the drill like we did in step 2.

IMPORTANT: Since the 36 gauge uncorked clapton wire was spun clock wise you need to spin it counter clockwise around the three 26 gauge wires. What you are left with is an Alien coil. Now wrap the coil around the head of a screwdriver 5 or 6 times. Your finished product should look like the image below.

All that’s left to do is install your Alien coil into your mod and you are ready to Vape! If you managed to follow along and build your own Alien coil we applaud you. Send pictures of your completed wires to us on Facebook for a chance to be featured.

Pre-made Alien Coils: If you don’t have enough time to build your own Alien coils many companies are selling them pre-built. They are shipped to your house ready to install. They can be used in any RDA, and make the customization process of your mod simple and easy.

Available at: 

Alien Coil Wire: If you do decide to try and build your own Alien coil, 26 and 36-gauge kanthal wire can be found on most vape supply websites. They are reasonably priced and you feel much more accomplished creating an Alien coil from scratch instead of buying a pre-made one.

Available at: VaporBeast

Pros & Cons 

The main benefit to an Alien coil is the increased surface area. This allows more of your E-juice to come in contact with your coil. The result is an increase in vapor and flavor with each hit. It creates an overall more pleasurable vaping experience.

There are some downfalls to an Alien Coil to consider before you try it out. Since the Alien coil is larger and intricate, it will take longer to heat up then a traditional coil or a clapton coil. Once is does heat up, it gets hot, creating a warmer hit that isn’t for everyone. Also each drag from your Mod will use more of your E-liquid with this type of coil. They can be expensive if you don’t build one yourself, and the building process as you just learned isn’t easy. But if you do decide to try out an Alien Coil you will not regret it.

Alien coils are still somewhat of a new concept. As the vaping industry keeps innovating we will see more and more companies offering these intricate coil builds standard. What do you guys think of Alien Coils? Let us know in the Comments below.