15 of the Most Popular Vape Tricks: How To & Examples


Most people are familiar with traditional smoke tricks such as the smoke ring, and the French inhale. The Vaping community has taken it one step further, creating mind-bending tricks and showcasing their skills on Instagram and YouTube. Some of these tricks you might have heard of, and some may be completely foreign to you. and contrary to what the public might think Blowing the biggest cloud possible is not considered a vape trick.

In this guide we are going to teach you how to do the most popular vaping tricks, and show you what it looks like to do them properly. If you Practice these 13 tricks you will become a vape bender in no time.

The best setup for performing these tricks would be a Sub ohm tank or RDA. You’ll also want a high VG E-Liquid to produce the thickest clouds. In order to become a master of vape tricks you must have skills, practice, and patients.

15. French Inhale

What is it: The french inhale is a simple, yet crowd pleasing trick. This trick is popular in weed culture and has become a favorite of vapers everywhere. It involves pushing the vapour or smoke from your mouth to your nose.

How to do it: First Take a drag of your vape mod. Then hold the vapour in your cheeks letting it settle. Open your mouth and gently push the vapour out while simultaneously inhaling through your nose. This creates a reverse waterfall effect.

14. Smoke Rings

What is it: Another well-known trick, smoke rings are fun to create and look amazing. It’s like ghostly hula hoop. They are very common and the base of many tricks we describe later on. So if you want to be one of the Lords of Vape town you must become an expert on this trick.

How to do it: Take a drag from your vape and inhale it into your throat. Open your mouth and form your lips into a round “O” shape. DO NOT EXHALE. Instead create a small force of wind  by opening and closing your throat. This movement of the throat should push a small amount of vapour out of your mouth creating a perfect ring.

13. Double and Triple O’s

What is it: this is a variation of smoke rings and Its pretty self explanatory. you blow two, or even three, smoke rings at the same time.

How to do it: Don’t be fooled by this tricks stunning appearance, it is quite simple to learn if you’ve mastered blowing O’s. Place a finger over your mouth splitting it into two sections. now when you exhale your vapour you should have two identical rings. To blow triple O’s you guessed it, put three fingers over your mouth and exhale. Look at the guys technique in the video above. The best way to learn these tricks is to follow along with someone.

12. Vape Tornado

What is it: This is probably the most popular trick on the list. Nicknamed the VapeNado, it  has single handedly pushed vape tricks into the mainstream. People saw this trick and where immediately drawn to vaping because of it. The tornado was such a game changer because it could never be done as intensely with Tobacco or marijuana smoke. Vape smoke is much thicker making it the perfect consistency to create an awesome tornado effect.

How to do it: Delicately exhale vapour onto a flat surface preferably a table. Let the vapour settle onto the table until it is motionless. Then place your hand vertically in the middle of the smoke and flick your wrist up and lift your arm all in one fluid motion. Here is another example of what it looks like when done perfectly.

11. Dragon

What is it: Another impressive trick that is easy to master. This trick gives you the appearance of a dragon breathing out smoke.

How to do it: Take a big rip of your vape without inhaling. Once your mouth is full of smoke, exhale out your nose while simultaneously blowing vapour out of each side of your mouth.

10. Vape Bending

What is it: This trick is what separates the beginner’s from the seasoned pros. Vape bending is to manipulate a smoke ring or a trick anyway you want using your hands or body.

How to do it: Cup your hand next to your mouth as you blow a smoke ring. Follow the ring with your hand, gently directing it wherever you want it to go. With practice you can basically control your O’s to do whatever you want. The video below is an example of advanced vape bending.

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9. Bull Ring

What is it: Using vapour to create ring through your nose like a bull or any pop punk teenager.

How to do it: Blow a small to medium sized smoke ring then lean in and inhale the top of the ring with your nostrils. This creates the illusion of a bull ring in your nose. Stand in front of a mirror or video tape yourself while doing this trick so you can tell if you are performing it correctly.

8. Jelly Fish

What is it: The jellyfish is my personal favorite trick. It is so versatile and guaranteed to leave your friends dumbfounded. Also known as the atomic bomb, this trick is created by blowing a smoke ring and then filling the inside of it with vapour. In order to do this trick you must already know how to blow smoke rings and vape bend.

How to do it: blow a smoke ring and immediately place your hand behind it. Follow the ring with your hand until it widens and slows down. Then take a drag of your vape holding the smoke in your cheeks. Then gently push the Vapour in the middle of the Smoke ring. This is similar to the french inhale that we talked about earlier. The vapour will be dragged by the ring creating and giant jellyfish. Don’t worry, they don’t sting. Below is another example of a jellyfish.

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7. The Lasso

What is it: The lasso is great to add to the end of a combo of tricks. Its like the icing on the cake. The idea is to blow a small ring through the center of a larger ring. The momentum of the larger ring should suck up the smaller ring creating a lasso effect.

How to do it: Blow one large smoke ring and then immediately after a smaller smoke ring. Control the smaller ring with your hand and force it into the center of the larger ring. If done properly the large ring should absorb the smaller ring creating an impressive lasso. This trick can be difficult to master and may require a lot of practice.

6. Vape Bubbles

What is it: The vape bubble is a real show stopper, and can be fun for the whole family. This trick produces a huge bubble filled with thick vapour.

How to do it: Cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle or a 1 Liter of soda depending on how big you want your bubbles to be. Then mix a solution of soap and water in a bowl big enough to fit your bottle. Dip the end of the bottle into the mixture, then slowly exhale vapour through the nozzle to create amazing vape bubbles.

5. Triangles

What is it: Are you an expert at blowing O’s and want something more challenging? How about blowing triangles, or squares, and even a hexagon. Ok we are joking about the hexagon.

How to do it: Blow a large dense smoke ring placing your hand behind it. Then swipe down twice on the side of the O so it starts to ripple. The result should be a spinning triangle. Add a lasso or a jellyfish to this trick for more style points.

4. Bane Inhale

What is it: This trick was born in the darkness and is inspired by the iconic batman villain. This is a french inhale with a twist to resemble bane from Batman the Dark knight Rises.

How to do it: Like a french inhale take a pull of your mod and hold the vapour in your cheeks. Then push your jaw forward and connect your bottom teeth with your upper lip. Then let the vapour flow through the crevices between your teeth and lip while inhaling through your nose.

3. Ghost Inhale

What is it:  Also know as the Atomic bomb or mushroom cloud, this trick is easy and fun to do. It involves blowing a cloud of vapour, then quickly inhaling it again.

How to do it: Take a drag from your vape mod and hold the vapour in your cheeks letting is settle for a few seconds. Then slowly open your mouth and push the vapour out trying to keep it in the form of a ball. Once you see vapour strongly inhale it back into your mouth. Remember, don’t blow out to long, otherwise your vape ball will float away.

2. The Waterfall

What is it: This trick is a fun science experiment you can do at home. The waterfall is like having your own personal vape cloud trapped in a bottle. You will feel like a real life wizard after you do this.

How to do it: This trick is pretty simple and doesn’t require any skill whatsoever. Get an empty water bottle and slowly blow your vapour into it. Once the bottle is full you can pour it out and you have your very own vape waterfall. We told you it was easy.

1. Vape Backflip


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What is it: The vape back flip is more of a beginners trick. Just kidding, We have no idea how this guy does it. It’s amazing though.

Like we said earlier most of these vape tricks require a lot of time and practice. But with this guide and some dedication you will become the last Vape bender in no time. Let us know your favorites in the comments below. Also tag @VapingMedia on Instagram for a chance to be featured.