10 Tips and Tricks to Avoid E-Cig Explosions


Electronic Cigarettes are used worldwide among people who want a healthier and safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. As E-cigs grow in popularity so does the amount of beginner vapers who are uneducated on how to properly use these vaping devices. That is why an increase in reports of Electronic cigarettes exploding, and catching fire have been popping up in the news. So, to educate, and prevent beginner vapors from harming themselves or others, we’ve created a list of 10 tips and tricks to prevent E-cigarette Explosions. This list will not only keep you safe, but will increase the longevity of your vaping device.

Before we start, you need to understand that electronic cigarettes exploding or catching fire is an extremely uncommon event. The U.S. Fire Administration reported that there has been 25 e-cigarette related injuries between 2009 and 2014. This is the only statistic we could find on e-cig explosions. There are millions of people who use e-cigs safely everyday, but when the news reports on a few instances of e-cigs exploding it gives the appearance that it is a much bigger problem then it really is. To prevent yourself or others from giving Vaping a bad reputation adopt a few of these practices to avoid an e-cigarette explosion.

Buy American Made Products 

If you want assurance that your device is safe, the first step is to buy american made vape products. unfortunately, the majority of e-cigs are made overseas. Without regulation, many manufactures are throwing out some dangerous devices/chargers. The United States has certain product standards that all vaping manufactures must adhere to. This ensures that your product was manufactured with the highest quality, and safety in mind.

Buy from a reputable Brand

Buying from a reputable company will help reduce the likelihood of an explosion. In almost all cases of an e-cigarette exploding the device was manufactured in china by unheard of brands. Many companies also sell knock offs of products from already established companies and cut corners to save on manufacturing costs. Spend the extra money and make sure your vaping products come from a trusted brand. Do your research and read reviews before you buy any products.

Read the Instructions

This tip seems obvious, but we understand the excitement when you get a new mod. No one wants to be bothered with long and complicated instructions. A quick glance at the instructions can help prevent any dangerous situations. Just make sure you understand the basics of how your mod works before you use it.

Don’t let your Atomizer Overheat

An electronic cigarette has at least three main components inside – the battery, the tank, and the atomizer. The atomizer is a coil that heats up turning your e-liquid into vapor. The atomizer is usually activated by a button on your mod, and only takes a few seconds to heat up. A problem many new vapers experience is holding their buttons down too long, which leads to you atomizer getting very hot. You should never heat your atomizer for longer then five seconds.

The dangers of overheating your atomizer are obvious. It could damage your mod, and could even trigger a fire in the right conditions. So if you notice your device is hotter then normal take a break and let your atomizer cool off. This will prevent an accident and extend the life of your mod.

Keep away from water

An e-cig is a battery powered device and like most electronic devices it does not mix well with water. Keep your device, especially the battery away from water to prevent a malfunction and keep your mod working properly. The only time water should come in contact with your device is when you are cleaning your atomizer. Some people like to heat their atomizer and then dip it in water to clean off any excess gunk that has built up on your coil. This can be an effective way to clean your atomizer as long as its done safely and efficiently. Check out this guide on How to Clean your atomizer.

Store your Battery Properly

Always make sure to store your battery in a safe environment. Be careful when putting your battery in your pocket. There have been cases of coins or keys causing a vape battery to short and explode. Just be cautious where you are putting your batteries.

Use the Correct charger

According to FEMA, 80% of electronic cigarette explosions reported occurred while the device was charging. In the majority of these cases the explosion was linked to the use of an alternative charger that was not sold with the battery it was charging. You should only use the charger that came with your electronic cigarette or one that is 100% compatible. This is the number one cause of e-cigs exploding, so don’t take any chances.

Don’t charge for Extended Periods of Time

Another important tip for proper e-cig use is to never over charge your battery. A lot of vapers leave there mods charging overnight, or for extended periods of time. You should never leave a charging battery unattended. An overcharged battery can overheat and cause malfunctions or even worse it can explode. Not overcharging your battery is probably the most important tip to prevent your device from catching fire or exploding. Battery safety is very important.

Clear the Area

Your battery can get hot while its charging, and in the unlikely case that is does catch fire you do not want any flammable material around to feed the fire. We have all heard a story of someone leaving a light on over a stack of papers and they catch fire. It’s the same concept. Just have some common sense when charging your e-cig battery.

Don’t Be Negligent

This should be obvious to every e-cigarette user. Just use your brain and educate yourself before using one of these devices. People see these cases of e-cigarettes exploding and blame it on the e-cig itself, and in most cases the operator was just being negligent. It only takes the actions of a few bad vaper’s to completely ruin vaping’s reputation. So be smart and safe when using an electronic cigarette for the sake of the vape community.