Vaping at 20,000 FT: A complete vaping Travel Guide


It will come as no surprise to say that vaping has really taken off in the past few years. More people vape than ever, and the positive health benefits that come with switching from cigarettes to vaping are undeniable.

As a relatively recent phenomenon the laws and social netiquettes regarding vaping can be difficult to navigate, as they’re constantly changing to keep up with studies, findings and public opinion. So you can probably imagine that the real problems arise when considering flying with your vape kit. With packing chaos, 4 Am wake up calls and the mad dash to your departure gates, flying is stressful enough and could do without the added worry that you might not be able to take your e-cigarette.

Common questions include- can you take your e-cigarette in your hand luggage? Are there specific regulations and restrictions? Can you vape during your flight? Because the rules of vaping are forever changing, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to prepare, store and use your vape kit when flying.

Vaping Abroad

Before beginning the stressful process of packing, it’s first worth double checking the laws and regulations regarding e-cigarettes at your chosen holiday destination. E-cigarettes are entirely banned in a number of locations, including Belgium, Austria, Egypt, Thailand and Brazil. Many other counties also enforce restrictions, such as Australia, Canada, Switzerland and Japan. Bear this in mind when planning your trip and do a little research.

Hold or Hand Luggage?

As packing prep is key before a flight, one of the more pressing questions is whether you can carry your e-cigarette in your hand luggage or whether it has to go in the hold. Because of recent incidents whereby the batteries of e-cigs have overheated and exploded, e-cigs can pose a fire hazard. Airlines therefore now require that all battery operated or electrically powered nicotine equipment should travel with you in the cabin.

To avoid any unnecessary trouble, your mod and tank should be detached and your tank should be stored as per your other liquids and toiletries- in a clear plastic bag. Ensure that your mod is turned off to avoid accidentally pressing the button.

Travelling with E-liquids

All liquids, including e-liquids, are subject to the usual airline restrictions. Most airlines do not have specific rules and regulations regarding e-liquids, however it’s quite common that airline staff conduct security inspections on e-liquids and vape kits. So don’t panic, this is general procedure.

In order to avoid added stress, wrap your e-liquid and clearomizers in toilet paper, this should protect any glass from damage. In the eventuality that there is a breakage, the toilet paper should soak up any spillages. It may also be wise to pack your e-cig liquids in a separate, transparent bag, this will ensure that the security checks run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

When packing bottles of e-liquids, remember that the liquid is likely to expand during take-off because of increased air pressure. To prevent any accidents, fly with your bottles half full.

Stocking Up

Depending on the length of your holiday and your chosen destination, it is advisable to carry extra vaping essentials. This is because foreign vendors may not be able to guarantee products of the same safety and quality standards that you are used to.

To be safe, you should pack extra e-liquids, clearomizers, batteries and some spare replacement coils as sourcing replacement parts in different countries can often prove extremely difficult and often fruitless.

Vaping On Board

Having successfully packed and made it through security checks without a blip, the next question is can you vape on board? Unfortunately, the use of any vaping equipment during a flight is completely prohibited. Don’t believe the myths that vape smoke will not trigger cabin alarms, it most certainly can and could leave you with a hefty fine and a flight ban for life. Even advanced devices like the MyJet, which produces very little vapour, could still incur big penalties. So it’s best not to take the risk, save your vape until after touch down!

On Board Tank Leakage

Ultimately, you should always travel with a spare, empty tank. However, if you’re flying with a full tank of e-liquid, ensure that the tank is upside down when taking off. This should release pressure, avoiding any spills. Although this method is not guaranteed to work with all tanks, it works particularly well with the Kangertech.

To Wrap Up

As the rules of vaping are forever changing, it can be difficult to keep on top of what is and is not acceptable. It’s therefore always best to research the laws of the country that you’re visiting. If in doubt, contact your airline and they should be able to address any extra questions or concerns. However, if the stress of travelling with your vape kit is still too much for you, it might be worth considering carrying a disposable e-cig that you can discard before your flight.