Top 10 Strangest E-Juice Flavors


The vaping industry is estimated to be a $4-billion dollar business in the U.S. According to Wells Fargo analyst’s that number is projected to reach $10 billion annually by 2017. In 2014 oxford dictionaries had chosen “Vape” as the word of the year. There is no question that the vape industry is booming and we don’t see vaping’s popularity dying out anytime soon.

Much of the appeal surrounded by vaping is the E-Liquid used to create the vapor. In the Vaping world, traditional E-juice flavors such as menthol and watermelon appeal to a wide range of vapors. It’s those obscure vape liquid flavors that really get people talking. We have put together a list of the top 10 strangest E-Juice flavors on the market. Some sound delicious and others are downright disgusting. Let us know which one is your favorite.

10. Bacon

To start of the list we picked bacon flavored e-juice. A number of companies make bacon flavored E-liquid which makes us think is their that big of a demand for it. Many people say it tastes like you licked a frying pan after cooking bacon. Others say it tastes like burnt leather mixed with bacon fat.  If you really love bacon give it a try. Bacon

9. Nacho Cheese

Who doesn’t like eating nachos?  Now you can get that same cheesy flavor without actually eating anything. We describe the flavor as a cheesy throw up mixed with burnt popcorn. It tastes like if Cool ranch Doritos and menthol had a baby. This is not something that humans should consume. Give it a try. Nacho Cheese

8. Hot dog

Just because there’s food doesn’t mean it should be turned into an E-juice flavor. It tastes like dog food and it smells even worse. I had to stick my head in a trash can just for relief after vaping this. Maybe mixing it with ketchup would make it taste better. But seriously this juice tastes like the end of the world. Don’t try it. Hangsen’s Hot Dog E-juice

7. Red Bull

This is the first E-juice flavor on this list that we actually enjoyed. I’m a big fan of RedBull and I can honestly say that this juice tastes almost identical to the drink.  Imagine RedBull only sweeter, with a citrus after taste. It has a strong energy drink vibe to it. If you like RedBull then you will love this E-juice.  We highly recommend you try it. RedBull

6. Birthday Cake

This is another E-juice flavor that we enjoyed. This is a very sweet E-juice with a hint of candy. It tastes a little like cake frosting, however it’s missing something to make it taste exactly like birthday cake. It has an amazing after taste and you should try it. Birthday Cake

5. Espresso

I’m not much of a coffee drinker and this E-juice flavor makes me never want to drink coffee again. It does have a very rich coffee flavor I will give it that. It however tastes like a coffee that you left in your car overnight. It has a meaty aftertaste like smoked salmon or a white fish. I’ve never eaten deer, but I assume this is what deer tastes like. Espresso 

4. Beer

Just like most Americans I love beer, so I was very excited when I saw this beer flavored E-juice. Have You ever left a beer can in the sun for a day? That is what this juice smells like. It initially tastes like grape or some other fruit and then leaves you with a beer after taste. The clouds leave the area you where vaping in smell like an old dive bar. It’s a unique taste but I personally don’t like it. Stick to drinking it not vaping it. Beer 

3. Butter

Do you like butter? I was originally very skeptical of this flavor because the Chemical Diacetyl is used in many butter flavorings, and has been linked to certain lung diseases primarily popcorn lung. I decided to give it a taste anyway. First impression It smells awful. It smells like butter mixed with dirty diapers. It definatly tastes like butter but not in a good way. It leaves you with an awful dry bitter taste in your mouth that just won’t leave. It’s like vaping celery with old butter all over it. This juice is disgusting DO NOT TRY IT. Butter

2. Fruit Loops Cereal

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not start your morning off with E-juice that tastes like your favorite bowl of cereal.  This juice is very delicious. It tastes like a mixture of different fruits, and a lot like fruity pebbles. This is #2 on the list because it is one of our favorite juices. Give it a try. Fruit loops

1. Crab Legs

Why? That’s all I can say. Why would anyone ever make a crab leg flavored E-juice. It has a very strong seafood smell, like your walking through a fish market on a hot, humid day. This juice is terrible tasting but what do you expect with a crab leg flavored E-juice. It definitely tastes like seafood. Like week old shellfish. Honestly however its not as throw up in your mouth bad as you would expect. Just imagine eating an ashtray then biting into a crab leg. Maybe if we mixed it with the butter flavored E-juice on this list it would taste better. DO NOT BUY THIS JUICE. Crab legs