Vaper’s Tongue! What is that?

Your tongue is trying to tell you something. It is tired and wants some variety!


So you finally found that perfect flavor or E-juice. Finding the perfect flavor has helped you switch from smoking to vaping. After years of trying to stop smoking, you’ve found a way. You’re telling everyone you know about your success!

Nothing can take you back to cigarettes now that you’ve found that perfect taste. You’ve tried different flavors and this one fits you perfectly. Now you’re obsessed with it, constantly humidifying the world with your favorite flavor of the perfect combination of peach – tangerine unicorn e-liquid. Or bubble gum rainbow cookie sprinkles.

Everything is going perfect until suddenly your favorite E-juice starts tasting like dry sand. E-gads! It’s the dreaded Vaper’s Tongue! What is that? Relax, the honeymoon isn’t over. It’s not the end of the world, and you don’t have to go back to smoking.

While you’ve found “that” flavor you and your tongue enjoy, your taste buds, and your tongue simply suffer from fatigue and are giving up. You’re experiencing dry mouth, cotton-mouth, or what vapers call “Vaper’s Tongue“.

Things to know

Medications, a simple cold or even a sinus infection (or anything else) could also alter the taste of your e-liquid. Don’t give up on your journey. Vaper’s Tongue is not the end of the world. There are things you can do to make your tongue happier along the way.

Drink some water.

Drinking water is helpful. Don’t forget to hydrate. Water is life, and your tongue and taste buds will thank you for it.

Switch flavors.

Try switching flavors for a day. Find yourself another favorite flavor or three. I know your nectarine-toffee is the perfect combination, but after being inundated by the same thing for days on end, your taste buds beg to differ. Find an alternate flavor (even if it’s just for a day) and combine that with hydration. It just may do wonders for your tongue.

Change your top.

A fresh top is a happy top, and a fresh tongue is a happy tongue. It could also be that you’ve vaped the life out of your top. You could also simply brush your teeth and tongue.

Exercise that Vaper’s Tongue

Another suggestion is doing simple tongue exercises to alleviate Vaper’s Tongue. You can start with phone calls and talking to your local congressional representatives about the Cole-Bishop Amendment, HR1136.

You could ask your local or national health “representative” why they are withholding information from the general public.

Don’t get your tongue twisted in a knot. Talk to other vapers. Talk to smokers. Talk to everyone. Don’t allow the government to give you a different type of Vaper’s Tongue. A silent tongue is an obedient tongue. Every day, your communication skills are essential to keeping yourself from catching Vaper’s Tongue.

Kevin Crowley
I'm a 35+ year smoker who accidentally stopped smoking with an e-cigarette. Advocate/activist, Tweeter, Blogger, Writer, Husband & Father of two. I want the public to know research and science exists despite public health “experts” worldwide claiming otherwise. I created the "Vaping Truth Survey". Please follow me at the links below!