What is Vape Nation?


you make think that “Vape nation” is a friendly community dedicated to vaping enthusiasts. WRONG. Vape nation is a viral comedy sketch produced by the YouTuber H3H3 Productions.

The video parodies the vaping culture, and follows host Ethan Klein as he visits local vape shops in his mission to blow the fattest vape clouds.

]The video currently has over 13 million views and is H3H3 productions most popular video for obvious reasons.

This guy clearly doesn’t represent vaping as a whole and this video is made for pure entertainment purposes. I don’t think anyone associates this video with vape culture, But who knows? some people believe everything they see on YouTube. I can hear my Grandmother now talking about how “vape nation is turning our children into drug addicts.”

This video exploded in popularity as soon as it was uploaded. It single handedly jump started H3H3 Productions YouTube channel, and made Ethan Klein a household name. We can also thank this video for creating the Phrase “Vape Nation”.

Search Interest

The hashtag #VapeNation has over 3.8 million posts on Instagram and growing. The term is also popular on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Many people in the vape world hate on this guy for giving vapors a bad name but I salute you Ethan Klein for bringing vaping into the mainstream. Any publicity is good publicity.
Soon after after this video went viral H3H3 released a remix titled “Vape Nash Y’all.”
What do you guys think of Vape Nation? Does it hurt vape culture, or is it just making fun of people who take the vape life to seriously? Let us know in the comments below.