School Bus Driver Investigated For Vaping on the Bus


A school in Washington is investigating complaints after students reported that their school bus driver was vaping.

Brier Elementary school has recently came under fire from parents and students after one of their bus drivers has reportedly been filling the bus with vape clouds.

Students have said that they have been boarding the bus into what they describe as a “fog” of sweet smelling vapor.  These kids are describing the bus drivers vape clouds.  One student said that when he walked on the bus it was full of smoke.  This driver must have been blowing some monster clouds.

Another student described it as walking into a cupcake bakery.

Parents complained to the principle, and to Edmond School District’s transportation manager about the bus drivers vape clouds.

Parents where told that the school could not be responsible for their employees “Poor Choices” and that they don’t have enough staff to keep tabs on all there bus drivers.

The Edmond School district plans on investigating the driver and the reports of him vaping on the bus.

“I want to emphasize that now that it has been brought to our attention, we are going to — as we already are — taking this very seriously,” said Debbie Joyce Jakala, of the Edmonds School District. “We will look into each step to get to the bottom of what happened.”

The buses are considered to be school property and the schools “no tobacco” policy also refers to the buses.

Parents are not impressed by the schools response and want more to be done about the driver.

“They should be enforcing their policies. They should be making it well-known to those employees that they cannot be smoking on school buses,” she said. “I don’t care if it’s a pen, a cigarette. I don’t care what it is.”

Adults have the right to do what they please with there own bodies.  If someone wants to smoke, vape, or drink alcohol they have the right to do so.  When these activities however affect the health of someone else especially a child that’s when it becomes a problem.

The bus driver should have not been vaping on the bus in the first place because it is against the schools policies, but if he did choose to vape on the bus he should have been more secretive about it.

The fact that the children had to walk into a cloud of smoke whenever they entered the bus shows a lack of common sense from the bus driver.  You could have just blown the smoke out of the window or did it when there were no children on the bus.

The driver should be punished in some way, but he should not lose his job over a couple of vape clouds.  Students said the driver “is a really cool guy, except for the smoking on board the bus”.  If the bus driver is a good guy and does his job effectively there is no need to fire the driver.  What do you guys think?

To the driver, think before you vape.

SOURCEKiro 7 News