Nate Diaz vaping CBD cleared by Nevada, but could still be an issue with the UFC


MMA fighter Nate Diaz will not be punished by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for vaping Cannabidoil following his loss at UFC 202, reports fellow fighter Arial Helwani.

The 31-year-old California native is seen in this video vaping CBD while giving an interview after his loss to Conor Mcgregor at UFC 202. The video led many to wonder if the Nevada State Athletic Commision (NSAC) would hand down a suspension to the fighter for his admitted use of a banned substance.

It looks like Nate Diaz waited until the Nevada State Athletic commission did their final drug test before hitting the vape. Both Diaz and Mcgregor’s UFC 202 drug tests came back clean, which is good enough for the state of Nevada.

Just because Diaz has been cleared by the Nevada Athletic commission however does not mean he is home free. The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is still investigating the incident.

Nate Diaz could still be punished for ‘admitting use’ during the six hours after the fight that the USADA considers “In competition” but it is very unlikely.

Cannabis is a “specific substance” according to the UFC anti-doping policy. It is not as serious as steroids but is still prohibited in certain cases, like in competition. Even though CBD does not get the user “High” like THC which is the other active chemical in cannabis, it is still prohibited by the USADA. Diaz could face a suspension of up to one year, according to Article 10.2.2 for violating this policy.

The good news for the fighter is that in order for him to be considered positive for cannabis a drug test must have more than 150ng/ml of marijuana metabolites. So Diaz could be in the clear depending on how hard he was hitting the green that night. So just because the fighter admitted to smoking CBD it is not enough to prove that he violated the rules. In theory, the USADA would need to test the fighter again to see if he went over the allowed Cannabinoid limit.

It looks like Diaz is in the clear and will not be suspended for vaping CBD. It is unlikely the USADA will drug test the fighter again, and even if they did we doubt he will go over the allowed cannabinoid level. The fact that this is even an issue is crazy.