Florida State Student Vapes the grossest thing ever


Yes you read the title right, A YouTube video was posted that shows a Florida State Student Vaping what appears to be Semen.  The YouTube video was set to private after gaining large scale media attention, and we can understand why. Even though the video was set to private the screenshots will last forever and this guy is a Legend. This is the man who made history by becoming the first person to ever Vape cum.  According to the video this guys friends promised to pay him $68 for this stunt.  We really hope that he got paid. In the video a man says its “The load from the previous night.”

According to the professionals here at “Vaping experts” this appears to be Semen.  The man then fills his E-Cigarette with this mystery fluid.

After filling the E-ciggarette with the liquid, you guessed it he takes a massive rip and then he blew as what the vaping community like to call it a “Fat Cloud” of semen infused Vape.  You can hear everyone in the room laughing an one man says “Come on, massive cloud toot!”

This massive cloud earns him some laughs and the approval of his friends.

The man then runs to the bathroom which makes sense seeing as how he just blew a cloud of some guys semen.  You can hear his friends warn him not to puke but we imagine he did. This guy just ads to the reputation that everyone in Florida is smart and makes good decisions. This man is a true pioneer in the Vape world.  What will be next? Vaping poop? how about gasoline?  Whatever it is i’m sure this guy will be the first to try it.

The video is one private so it can no longer be viewed.  But I found this video on youtube that says the Video was not real. Check it out.

Yes according to this video this stunt was not real.  In my opinion I think the man did in fact Vape semen but he didn’t want to be know for the rest of his life as “that guy that vaped Jizz” so this video was uploaded to cover it up.  They just don’t want to admit that there friend Vaped Jizz.  I think they should just be honest and admit their friend vaped man juice.  And that was the worst British accent ever.

What do you think? is the video real or a hoax. Leave a comment with your opinion.