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Advanced Coil Building: The Alien Coil

One of the newest trends to hit the vape coil building world is the Alien Coil. This coil is just one of many new coil...

What is Vape Nation?

you make think that "Vape nation" is a friendly community dedicated to vaping enthusiasts. WRONG. Vape nation is a viral comedy sketch produced by...

20 Amazing Custom Tube Mods

Gold & Silver A post shared by Vaping Media (@vapingmedia) on Mar 3, 2017 at 7:40pm PST Beast A post shared by Vaping Media (@vapingmedia) on Mar...

Top 10 Strangest E-Juice Flavors

The vaping industry is estimated to be a $4-billion dollar business in the U.S. According to Wells Fargo analyst's that number is projected to...