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Kevin Crowley
I'm a 35+ year smoker who accidentally stopped smoking with an e-cigarette. Advocate/activist, Tweeter, Blogger, Writer, Husband & Father of two. I want the public to know research and science exists despite public health “experts” worldwide claiming otherwise. I created the "Vaping Truth Survey". Please follow me at the links below!


Vaper’s Tongue! What is that?

Your tongue is trying to tell you something. It is tired and wants some variety!

Eliza Taylor looks super Hot Vaping

  Eliza Jane Taylor-Cotter often credited as Eliza Taylor is a 26 year old Australian actress who is best know for her role as Janae...

Cloud Chasing Guide: How to create the biggest Vape Clouds

Vape enthusiast all around the world are taking “blowing clouds” to a whole new level.  The goal of these “cloud chasers” is to see...