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Kevin Crowley
I'm a 35+ year smoker who accidentally stopped smoking with an e-cigarette. Advocate/activist, Tweeter, Blogger, Writer, Husband & Father of two. I want the public to know research and science exists despite public health “experts” worldwide claiming otherwise. I created the "Vaping Truth Survey". Please follow me at the links below!


Florida State Student Vapes the grossest thing ever

Yes you read the title right, A YouTube video was posted that shows a Florida State Student Vaping what appears to be Semen.  The...

Cloud Chasing Guide: How to create the biggest Vape Clouds

Vape enthusiast all around the world are taking “blowing clouds” to a whole new level.  The goal of these “cloud chasers” is to see...

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30 hilarious Vaping Memes on the Internet

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